Welcome to the world of medical and health sciences.

Every journey starts with a single step. As a pathfinder in the world of healthcare, before you commit to a specific direction, take the time to pause and open your mind to the many exciting options available to you.

Our faculty supports an enormously diverse range of vocations in the world of healthcare – all of which offer possibilities for rewarding careers. Beyond the job titles, many of these vocational pathways can lead to truly extraordinary career opportunities. Taking the time to pause and open your mind to the many exciting options available to you will ensure you can discover and find your true vocational calling.

Pathfinders, the choices you make today about your future study will influence the career outcomes you can achieve tomorrow. An open mind is your most valuable asset. We invite you to explore our site and the diverse possibilities available to you at our internationally recognised comprehensive medical and health sciences faculty.


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Your postgraduate pathway - research

With a history of attracting eminent researchers, talented students and high levels of research funding, our faculty has fostered a very strong research culture, hosting many internationally renowned and highly regarded research programmes.

Students and professionals, take advantage of the diverse research opportunities within our faculty. Make a real difference in your particular area of interest by conducting research with the potential to impact on, and inform change in, the health sector and social care system.
Explore and discover.


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Your postgraduate pathway - taught

Are you looking to advance your qualifications to achieve a career aspiration or for personal development, or develop expertise in particular areas?

Our postgraduate programmes have been carefully designed to meet the needs of those aspiring to both academic and professional careers.

Leading to a diverse range of rewarding career paths, our research informed coursework programmes can allow you to make valuable contributions to both non-clinical and patient-facing areas of New Zealand's health sector, and beyond.
Explore and discover.


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Your undergraduate pathway - first year students

For current undergraduate students completing Year 1 of your chosen undergraduate programme, your next step in the world of health takes place here. 

Now is the time to pause and explore the many exciting options available.

Identify and carry along your pathway building the knowledge, experience and skills required to enter practice or to continue with postgraduate studies.
Explore and discover.

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Your undergraduate pathway - high school students

At the University of Auckland we are doing amazing things and we want to support, challenge and encourage you to achieve the amazing too.

Open your mind, explore the potential career pathways you can take, and identify the opportunities that are right for you.

If you decide to join us in 2016, you will be part of an active 2,000-strong undergraduate student body studying towards your chosen career in health.
Explore and discover.



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