Welcome to the world of medical sciences.

Little could be more special than advancing the scientific knowledge of the human body with the discovery of a new drug, identifying factors in disease, or devising techniques to improve diagnosis and treatment.

Built on a strong foundation in medical research, the School of Medical Sciences provides a stimulating environment for undergraduate and postgraduate students embarking on careers in the medical sciences.

School of Medical Sciences graduates are highly sought-after as analysts, health promotion officers, protocol and process developers, regulatory compliance officers, scientific/medical writers or communication liaisons officers, product representatives/educators, and industrial/research lab technicians.

Undertaking postgraduate research can enable significant contributions toward the understanding and development of novel treatments and therapeutic interventions in a diverse array of disciplines.

Outside of bench-work research, graduates are well-positioned to develop a postgraduate specialisation in areas such as forensic science, clinical trials design and management and health leadership. Additionally, graduates will be well-primed for clinical specialisations including audiology, speech and language therapy, dietetics and medical imaging. The options are many and varied.


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Your postgraduate pathway – research

As a student undertaking Honours, Masters or Doctoral studies you can enjoy the mentorship from world-leading experts and international collaborators as project supervisors or advisors.

The School of Medical Sciences enables and supports cutting-edge research in recently-refurbished, state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities. 
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Your postgraduate pathway – taught

Within the School of Medical Sciences, there are over thirty postgraduate courses tailored to the strengths of our academic staff, providing quality postgraduate training programmes as well as professional postgraduate programmes in Nutrition and Dietetics, and Medical Imaging.

Further training or postgraduate studies can lead on to a diverse range of rewarding career paths, both non-clinical and patient-facing.
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Your undergraduate pathway - first year students

For current undergraduates, the School of Medical Sciences is the perfect option for building the knowledge, experience and skills required to enter practice or to continue with graduate studies.

Studying courses (papers) in medical sciences is exciting as it can lead to diverse and interesting pathways. You may progress to a career in the medical technology industry, as a research lab technician, as a medical writer or cardiac technician, and more.
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Your undergraduate pathway - high school students

Are you curious about the science underpinning our bodily health and how it can advance human knowledge and improve health outcomes?

It’s your career journey, so start it by exploring a pathway that could lead you to make meaningful contributions to our society. Our common Year 1 suite of courses will prepare you well for the challenges of future studies in a variety of subject areas taught in our School of Medical Sciences courses.
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