Welcome to the world of pharmacy.

Medicines have a huge potential to treat illness and disease. Medicines also have the potential, if poorly utilised, to be ineffective or, worse still, cause harm. Pharmacists are medicines experts, ensuring safe and quality use of medicines in individual patients.

Pharmacy practice is progressing and is about much more than simply ‘dispensing medicines’. As an integral part of a changing healthcare environment, pharmacists deliver important services in collaboration with other healthcare providers, displaying a commitment to patient-centred, collaborative pharmacy practice in order to improve the health of all New Zealanders.

Pharmacists are the health professionals many people see most often. But whether in private businesses or hospitals, regulatory agencies or pharmaceutical companies, even publishing or marketing, all pharmacists make significant contributions to the community by ensuring the optimal use of medicines.


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Find out more about our postgraduate programmes in clinical pharmacy.

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Your Postgraduate Pathway – research

The University of Auckland’s School of Pharmacy has developed a strong research culture, with staff members contributing significantly to key publications and conference presentations.

You can become part of that highly-regarded leadership culture by pursuing Masters and PhD research opportunities across the three divisions of our school: Pharmacy Practice, Pharmaceutics, and Pharmacotherapy.
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Your Postgraduate Pathway – taught

We offer postgraduate programmes in clinical pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences.

Our clinical pharmacy programmes could allow you to graduate at the level you consider to be most appropriate to your needs and career aspirations. Our pharmaceutical science programmes focus on knowledge and skills pertinent to the formulation, quality assurance and introduction of products to the market, both national and internationally.
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Your undergraduate pathway - first year students

For current undergraduates completing Year 1 of either the Bachelor of Health Sciences or the Bachelor of Science (various majors), your next step in Pharmacy begins here.

Carry on your path building the knowledge, experience and skills required to enter practice or to continue with postgraduate studies.
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Your undergraduate pathway - high school students

Start your career journey with the best possible first step. Take the time to pause and open your mind to the exciting options available for a career in Pharmacy at the University of Auckland.

Entry to the Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) is limited and competitive, so learn about our approved pathways and find out how they can lead you to a dynamic healthcare future.
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