Welcome to the world of optometry.

Optometry is a profession that is changing, and we’re in a unique position to effect that change.

Optometry is about much more than ‘prescribing glasses’. Optometrists can now prescribe medicines to treat certain eye conditions and are primary healthcare practitioners, vital to the quality of life for young and old alike. As our population ages, the demand for highly-qualified optometrists, particularly in regions away from our major centres, will increase. But just as important is the early treatment of vision impairment in children.

Most optometrists enter private practice, offering favourable working conditions allowing great work/life balance, the freedom to choose where to live and practice and the opportunity to concentrate on clinical areas of special interest. Optometrists may also practice in hospitals and clinics, or pursue careers in research and in industry.

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Your postgraduate pathway – research

Pursue Postgraduate Master and PhD research opportunities in Optometry and Vision Science at the University of Auckland.

Here you can access dedicated clinical research rooms featuring state-of-the-art specialist equipment, active research groups, and leading researchers undertaking leading-edge clinical, biomedical and vision research.
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Your postgraduate pathway – taught

Advance your career with postgraduate study and undertake further training to build particular areas of expertise.

Our Master of Health Science (MHSc) taught clinical option can be studied part-time or full-time, with some possibilities for distance-based study. You can undertake advanced study in a wide variety of areas that will equip you to direct your career in whichever direction you’d like it to go.
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Your undergraduate pathway - first year students

For current undergraduates completing the BSc in Biomedical Science First Year at the University of Auckland or Health Science First Year at the University of Otago, your next step in Optometry and Vision Science begins here.

Carry on your path building the knowledge, experience and skills required to enter practice or to continue with graduate studies. 
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Your undergraduate pathway - high school students

Start your career journey with the best possible first step. Take the time to pause and open your mind to the exciting options available for a career in optometry.

Entry to the Bachelor of Optometry (BOptom) is limited and competitive, so learn about our approved pathways, and what you will be studying as part of New Zealand’s only Optometry programme.
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